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Automated Flows

Visibility for managers in the construction department

Holmes revolutionized Petz’s department for maintenance and construction works. Through automated flows, managers monitor the progress of projects relating to the  maintenance and installation of new stores. With more visibility at each stage, it is possible to avoid problems and delays in deliveries. In addition to the engineering flows, the process of recruiting new veterinarians is also handled by Holmes and integrated into Petz’s website.

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Testimonials from our customers

“To control our processes, in the past we had to adapt to a Kanban-based tool and we had to leave a lot out. Now we contemplate practically everything and this time it was Holmes who adapted to our company”.

Marta Giove

Grupo DPG

“Holmes has helped us improve the standardization and SLA tracking of processes. Thus, we were able to reduce internal e-mail exchanges, improve admission and dismissal processes, control travel processes, advance requests and payment of suppliers”.

Américo Skowronski

Cienge Engenharia

“Holmes brought agility and security to our processes, we managed to automate routine tasks in a simple way, increasing the control and traceability of documents.”

Ricardo Morales

Universidade Mogi das Cruzes

“We use Holmes for document management, and when we talk about the tool, we immediately think of the quick search for demands received or sent by the company. Today we can say that all documents are accessible on a single platform”.

Elias Ricardo Pontes

BRK Ambiental