How does holmes work?

Exactly as your company needs it to!

Automatic workflows with no-code and low-code capabilities for flexible and streamlined deployment
Control and traceability in the palm of your hand
Customized dashboards for more precise management
Integrated e-signatures for a more complete and comprehensive experience working with documents

Gain more control and visibility of tasks,
approvals, information, access levels, and deadlines.

Gain more control and visibility of tasks, approvals, information, access levels, and deadlines.

Holmes is a lean and flexible BPMS solution that helps organize your company’s routines through automated workflows.

Our workflows unite several elements, including business rules, documents, data, forms, areas, and integration.

Manage documents and processes using a single tool. Without the need for paper, spreadsheets, or emails.

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How do we work?

We identify your needs

Our goal is to offer the best possible solution to our customers, so we begin our relationship by carrying out a sincere and transparent assessment of the tool’s adherence to the client’s needs.

We define the workflows

You don’t have to worry about configuring the workflows as we take care of it using the expertise of our technical team. Afterward, you will have the flexibility to make changes or create new workflows, always with the support of our team.

We continue to develop the solution

After deployment, our Customer Success team will accompany the evolution of Holmes in your organization. Our goal is to be your collaborators in building a culture of continuous improvement in your business.

For use across a range of departments and sectors.


Manage approvals and purchase requests and integrate your procurement and finance functions for a more complete experience


Organize personnel files, HR requests, employment contracts, and all stages of the onboarding process.


Manage fixed and variable expenses, allocation of costs between cost centers and other finance activities to reduce uncertainty and error.


Find out about further possibilities for using Holmes across different departments.

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Low-code and no-code
The power of low-code and no-code allows you to configure workflows without requiring a single line of code. As a result, deployment is fast and can be done regardless of programming expertise.
BPMS is a specific type of software for business processes based on BPMN, a universal way of designing workflows. At Holmes, we decided to maintain only the essential elements of BPMN to make configurations even easier.

Now you know how Holmes works

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