Management of processes and documents for car dealerships

Streamline invoicing for new and used vehicles and manage work and purchase orders. Reduce undue expenses by organizing processes for the payment of fines, vehicle taxes, suppliers, and more.

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Streamline bureaucratic processes

Work seamlessly between headquarters, branches, and third-party dealers. Go beyond by automatizing processes in other departments including HR, workshops and supplies. Manage legal documents relating to branches, supplier contracts, and personnel files.

Workflow templates to inspire you

Use workflows inspired by the most digitized dealerships in the USA.


Beat bureaucracy and streamline the process to collate information for billing new and used vehicles.


Administer the receipt of used cars for part-exchange with efficient management of vehicle documentation and checks for acquittance, fines and vehicle taxes.  

Payment management

Organize payment of recurring and one-off expenses.  Avoid delays, guarantee authorization and organize apportionment between cost centers.

All services

Workflows to meet the needs of your business and manage services including inspections, dealers, supplies, exchange of parts, and others.

What our clients say about Holmes

“In the past, when a salesperson joined the team, they needed to spend time with a more experienced colleague to learn the ins and outs of negotiation. This information was passed from one team member to another. Today, the system only requires the documents that are really necessary. In addition, we reduce errors due to manually filling out forms, since the information now comes from the ERP. We process around 5000 vehicle invoices every month.”

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