Automatized workflows for hospitals

Improve traceability in the hospital back-office, gain control of tasks and documents, and improve governance in areas such as HR and purchasing.

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Support hospital management with the best tool for processes in the healthcare sector

Embrace becoming paperless and increase your chances of becoming HIMSS-certified.  Count on us to automatize workflows via well-defined rules so that different individuals can complete their activities in sequence within an established time frame.   

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Get inspired by workflows used by our existing healthcare clients

Take advantage of benchmarks and the experience of our analysts to build the best workflows to meet your hospital’s needs.


Automatize the hiring and onboarding processes for doctors and other personnel based on rules for each time of recruitment.

Document management

Organize and manage contracts and personnel files digitally, allowing you to go paperless. 


Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements by third-party contractors.

Electronic signatures

Automatize workflows for signing contracts, accreditation, authorization, and much more.


Automatize requests for payment authorization and supplier payment.


Manage support functions including provision of equipment, appointments, system access, registration and much more.

Reach the next level in your digital transformation before your competitors