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Holmes is a tool for document management and automatizing workflows based on a streamlined BPM methodology.  Our platform is low-code and no-code, meaning that you don’t need to know how to program in order to create your processes. 

Holmes is for companies in any market, mainly for back-office processes involving multiple tasks, people, documents and activities, which need to be organized in order to ensure management of deadlines, approvals, requests and archives.

Our team will create your first workflows for you, but you will have total freedom to edit or create new workflows once your solution has been deployed, with the full support of our technical team.  You can also access Holmes University, providing you with a course to teach you the basic and intermediate concepts of our tool. 

In order to provide a coherent quotation, we need to first understand your needs, as cost will depend on the number of users, workflows and features you require, in addition to deployment.